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Главная Seven facets of the Great Steppe

Seven facets of the Great Steppe
On the topic of «Geoarchaelogical and palynological methods in archaeology» within the program "History and culture of the Great Steppe»

on the topic of «Geoarchaelogical and palynological methods in archaeology» within the program "History and culture of the Great Steppe»

In 2019 the 16 of april at the Institute of archaeology named after A. Kh. Margulan ESM within the program «History and culture of the Great Steppe»(«Ancient and medieval history of Great Steppe: the ethnogenesis and culturogenic-experience of interdisciplinary research») herd a seminar "Geoarchaelogical and palynological methods in archaeology", in which introduced doctor of geological-mineralogical Sciences, palynology Nigmatova S. A. The first part of the seminar was devoted to general questions of geoarchaeology: the subject, methods, identified the main problems of the study of archaeological sites that can be solved by methods of geoarcheology. The main attention was paid to geological and geomorphological, geophysical, paleontological, hydrogeological, physical and chemical methods of studying archaeological objects and individual artifacts.

The second part of the seminar considered palinological methods of research in archaeology. Based on own experience, S. A. Nigmatova told about the most interesting and effective cases of studying of archaeological monuments of the palynological method, including the study of Berel mounds (obtaining information about the seasonality of burial, the probability of burial of horses from different habitats, etc.), Otrar oasis and the surrounding tobe (recovery type fields, reconstruction of plants, gardens, etc.), burial mounds in Zhetysu (the stages of the creation of mounds) and others, was shown a climatic reconstruction of holocene linking them to historical events. In addition, the listeners got acquainted with the stages of sampling, laboratory preparation of samples, further study under a microscope.

In the final part of seminar discussed practical recommendations for the development of technical specifications for carrying out according to geo-archeological and palynological studies of self-sampling for palynological analysis in the course of field work. The speaker paid special attention to how to choose the right place for sampling, how to determine the sampling interval, the weight of the sample and gave many other practical recommendations.

At the end of the seminar there was a discussion and answers to the questions of researchers, doctoral students and master students.

Presentation of the journal «Archeology of Kazakhstan»

In 2019 the 3rd of April Institute of archaeology named after A. Kh. Margulan presented the first 2 number of the journal "Archeology of Kazakhstan". On the presentation of the journal were invited to NAS academician M. Zhurinov, the daughter of academician A.Kh. Margulan Danel Margulan, and leading archeologists of Kazakhstan - doctor of historical Sciences, Professor A.T. Toleubaev, doctor of historical Sciences, Professor V. F. Zaibert, doctor of historical Sciences M.E.Yeleuov, Director of the Institute of history and Ethnology named after Ch.Ch.Valikhanov, doctor of historical Sciences Kabuldinov Z. E., Dean of the faculty of History, archeology and Ethnology KazNU, c.h.s., M. S. Nogoibayeva, Director of "Gylym ordasy" Tultayev B. T. and etc.

​Тайны древних курганов

Историки, ученые-исследователи, археологи сегодня выдвигают на первый план проведение тщательной унификации уже накопленных наукой всех документальных свидетельств об истории и жизни наших предков.

Презентация об археологических раскопках

15 марта 2019 года в средней школе № 23 г. Актобе для учащихся 4-х классов научным сотрудником Института археологии им. А.Х. Маргулана Уразовой А.Б. проведена презентация об археологических раскопках и достижениях казахстанской археологии в рамках по программных статей Главы государства "Рухани жангыру» и «Семь граней Великой Степи».

Культура населения Казахстана от каменного века до этнографической современности по археологическим источникам

17 января 2019 года в рамках выполнения ПЦФ "Культура населения Казахстана от каменного века до этнографической современности по археологическим источникам" ведущим научным сотрудником института, кандидатом исторических наук Бисембаевым А.А. была осуществлена имиджево-просветительская работа в средней школе №13 города Актобе и Мартукской средней школы №1 Мартукского района Актюбинской области по теме "Реализация программных положений статей Президента РК Н.А. Назарабаева "Взгляд в будущее: модернизация общественного сознания" и "Семь граней Великой степи" на примере исследования археологических памятников".

Елбасының «Ұлы даланың жеті қыры» мақаласының аясында өткен дөңгелек үстел

2018 жылдың 28 қарашада Ә.Х. Марғұлан атындағы археология институтында «Жас археолог» жас ғалымдар кеңесінің ұйымдастыруымен Елбасының «Ұлы даланың жеті қыры» мақаласын талқылау аясында дөңгелек үстел өтті.


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