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Главная News Museum of Archaeology is 40 years old

Museum of Archaeology is 40 years old

The country's an onlyMuseum of Archeology began its  work August 31, 1973 . Its opening  was coincided to  the momentous event  the conference of writers of Asia and Africa.
The main exhibit of the museum is the costume of the Saxon leader, researched  by Kazakh archeologists led by Kemal Akishev  in 1969-1971 . For 40 years, the domestic archeology has made many discoveries, grown a new galaxy of scientists , the world will know the "new" ancient Kazakhstan. The museum has a unique collection, among   them artifacts, which have global significance,  burial sites, found during the excavation of the Bronze Age , artifacts  of Usun and  Saka era , finds from ancient sites and medieval  towns.

          The Archaeological Museum was created as a result of work of several generations of Kazakh scientists since 20 years of the twentieth century. Its origins were A.Margulan , A. Nusupbekov , E. Ageeva, G. Patsevich , Akishev K. , Kh.. Alpysbayev , A. Maximova , M. Kadyrbaev , K. Baipakov and many others. The museum is known in the scientific world as a center of knowledge and the promotion of archaeological science in Kazakhstan. It hosts international conferences , symposiums, forums , research activities are conducted by museum staff  abroad too. The museum's exhibits were successfully demonstrated in more than 20 countries, including Germany , Turkey, Japan , USA, Korea, France  and  Austria.

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