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Главная News Scientific Council of September, 13 2021

Scientific Council of September, 13 2021

The library of the National Academy of Sciences hosted the VI meeting of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Margulan CS MES RK.

The first, among the issues under consideration, was the introduction of changes and the expansion of the Scientific Council of the Institute to 29 people. It included famous domestic scientists dealing with the problems of archaeology of the Stone, Bronze, Early Iron Ages and the Middle Ages.

Then there was a pre-defense of two dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) - Yerzhanova A. "Qola däuırındegı Oñtüstık Saryarqa tūrğyndarynyñ tas qūraldary (Atasu men Taldysai mikroaudandary boiynşa)" (mentor is Doctor of Science Z. Samashev) and Zheleznyakov B. "Religions of medieval Kazakhstan according to archaeological sources (mentor is Candidate of Historical Sciences, assoc. Professor Ualtaeva A.S.).

After discussion and debate, the works were recommended for defense.

Photo. 1. Meeting of the VI Academic Council of the Institute of Archeology. OH. Margulan 09/13/2021

Photo. 2. Doctoral student B.A. Zheleznyakov, answers the questions of the Academic Council

Photo. 3. Doctoral student A.Sh. Yerzhanova presents the results of her dissertation to the Academic Council.


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