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Археология институтының журналы. А.Х.Марғұлан



Laboratory Of Archaeological Technologies (LAT)


Team of the " Laboratory of Archaeological Technologies"

The history of the formation of the "Laboratory of Archaeological Technologies" begins in the 1970s, with resolution No. 394 "On the Introduction of Natural and Technical Sciences into Archaeology" of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences of May 17, 1963.

In 1971-1972 The laboratory "Archaeological Technologies" was first opened at the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography named after Ch.Ch. Walikhanov, Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR. The laboratory was headed by a famous archaeologist, scientist M.K. Kadyrbaev. Later, in 1983, S. A. Akhinzhanov was appointed head of the laboratory "Archaeological Technologies", and in 1990, at the Scientific Council of the Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography named after Ch.Ch. Walikhanov, Academy of Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, the head of the laboratory "Archaeological Technologies" was elected Zh. K. Kurmankulov.

By the decision of the Scientific Council of the A.Kh. Margulan Institute of Archaeology dated April 28, 2018, the laboratory's work was resumed, and in the light of the latest areas of research, it was renamed the "Laboratory of Archaeological Technologies", headed by E.Sh. Akymbek.

The purpose of the "Laboratory of Archaeological Technologies" is to conduct comprehensive research using methods of natural science.

The "Laboratory of Archaeological Technologies" currently includes three departments: archaeozoology, trasology, the department for the study of ancient and medieval ceramics.

The archaeozoology group explores paleontological materials found during archaeological excavations, including the complete species composition of animals; in accordance with the methodological system, groups of animals using skeletal elements are considered. Employees of the archaeozoological department - Researcher M.S. Shagirbaev, Candidate of Biological Sciences P.A. Kosintsev and Candidate of Biological Sciences D.O. Gimranov.

The trasology group uses a technical and typological analysis using a morphological characteristic to determine the tool kit and the method of processing stone and bone tools found during excavations. Specialists-trasologists working with stone and bone tools - Senior Researcher A.E. Yerzhanova, Junior Researcher, PhD student G.B. Sargizova.

The group for the study of ancient and medieval ceramics is engaged in the study of the morphology of ancient ceramics, methods of technical and technological analysis, the method of applying ornamentation to the surface of ancient ceramics, the mineral composition of the dough, and the processes of regional development of ceramics are studied. Specialists of the Department of Ancient and Medieval Ceramics - Leading Researcher, PhD E.Sh. Akymbek, Researcher E. Dubyagina and Researcher Zh.S. Kalieva.



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