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Egorova Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Egorova Tatyana Aleksandrovna 

Specialist philologist of the Department of Antiquity and Middle Ages

of the Institute of Archaeology named after A. Kh. Margulan of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan



Egorova Tatiana Aleksandrovna was born on January 8, 1964. In 1985 she graduated from the Faculty of Literature of the Kazakh State Pedagogical University named after Abay. In 1992, she was admitted to the A.Kh. Margulan Institute of Archaeology in the Department of the Monuments of Archaeology. From 1999 to 2001, Egorova T.A. participated in the work of the international project, which received the INTAS grant on the theme: "The process of formation of the nomad community during the period of the Era of Bronze and early Iron. Environmental and Archaeological Research". Within the framework of this project, the most pressing problems of formation and development of nomadic forms of economic and cultural types of ancient population of Semirechye and the role of the region in genesis of ancient cultures of neighboring territories of Central Asia were considered.

Egorova T.A. was a participant in the applied research projects of the program "Cultural Heritage": "Archaeological monuments of Turgen gorge" (2007-2010), "Excavations of Turgen-II settlement" (2012), "Archaeological complex Butakty-I on the south-eastern outskirts of Almaty" (2003-2013) and "Settlement Kyzylbulak-IV" (2015).

Egorova T.A. carries out active scientific and publishing activity, within the framework of which from 1999 to present she is the founder and chief editor of the scientific almanac of the Institute of Archaeology "History and archaeology of Semirechye (Jetisý ólkesiniń tarihy men arheologialyq derekteri)". In addition, she was a literary editor and author of an alphabetical name index and an alphabetical index in the reference publication "Set of Monuments of History and Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Almaty region" Almaty, 2009. p. 1271-1295.

Egorova T.A. is a co-author of 2 collective monographs and more than 20 scientific articles, including in the publications of Committee for Control of Education and Science, RSCI and other foreign journals with a non-zero impact factor.

Main publications:


Scientific-directory articles «Svod pamyatnikov istorii i kul'tury Respubliki Kazahstan. Almatinskaya oblast'»// State Program Book Series «Kul'turnoe nasledie». Almaty, 2009. 1318 p. (collective).

Scientific-directory articles and materials «Svod pamyatnikov istorii i kul'tury ZHambylskoj oblasti. ZHualinskij rajon». Almaty, 2014. p. 61-260. (together with Goryachev A.A.).

Publications in foreign issues:

Tyurkskie petroglify urochishcha Oj-Dzhajlyau // Arheologiya Zapadnoj Sibiri i Altaya: opyt mezhdisciplinarnyh issledovanij / Iskusstvo drevnih i srednevekovyh narodov Central'noj Azii i sopredel'nyh territorij. Barnaul, 2015. p. 375–380. (together with Goryachev A.A., Egorova K.A.).

Der semantische Aspekt einer ikonographischen Tradition der Darstellung von Ziegen in den Petroglyphen des südlichen Kasachastans und Kirgisistans // Acta Praehistorica et Archaeologica. 51. 2019. p. 17–31. together with Alexandr A. Goryashev, Ksenja A. Egorowa).

Izobrazheniya voinov s oruzhiem v petroglifah epohi bronzy Semirech'ya // Arheologicheskie vesti, Institut istorii material'noj kul'tury RAN. 1992. Iss. 26 / [Chief editor N.V. Khvoshchinskaya]. SPb., 2020. p. 123-127. (together with Goryachev A.A.).

Petroglify gor Hantau // «» № 1(17) 2019. – (together with Goryachev A.A., Egorova K.A.).

Sceny boya vsadnikov epohi bronzy iz urochishcha Oj-Dzhajlyau // Istoriya i arheologiya Semirech'ya. Iss. 6. Almaty, 2019. p. 219–228. (together with Goryachev A.).

Arheologicheskie issledovaniya v ushchel'e Boraldaj v 2019 godu // Arheologiya Kazahstana. № 1(7). 2020. p. 11–24. (together with Baitanayev B.A., Goryachev A.A., Baitanayeva A.B., Baitanayev E.B., Chernov M.A.).


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