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Bauyrzhan Abishevich Baytanayev

Bauyrzhan Abishevich Baytanayev was born in 1962, January 1, in the Southern Kazakhstan oblast in a family of scientists and teachers. He belongs to generation of scientists whose formation fitted with the critical period of history of Kazakhstan. The reorganization (Perestroika) of the 80-th, the collapse of the USSR which has followed after, finding of independence by Kazakhstan have caused change of ideological priorities which couldn't reflected on the humanitarian sphere. The peripetias of after-Soviet transition period connected with economic difficulties have affected in the hardest way historical science. Quite often in these conditions the science was left temporarily or forever by many scientists. These hard years B. A. Baytanayev who has got an education on the eve of Gorbachev’s Perestroika has come to science and remained is faithful to her forever.

In 1979-1984 he studied at the Chimkent teacher training Institute at the Faculty of History. Work of B. A. Baytanayev has begun after the termination of Institute by the Senior Research Associate in the Otrar State Archaeological Reserve Museum. In 1987 he was transferred to the Southern Kazakhstan regional local History Museum where in 1993 he has defended the dissertation for a Degree of the Candidate of Historical Sciences.

Since 2000 he was the Associate Professor in the Chair "History of Kazakhstan and museum business" of SKSU after M. O. Auyezov and the head of an Archaeological Expedition of university.

Since 2002 he managed "Archeology, Ethnology and Museum Business" department of SKSU after M. O. Auyezov. In 2008 I have defended the doctoral dissertation on the subject "Ancient and Medieval Ispidzhab city".

In 2010 it is appointed the General Director of the Institute of Archeology after A. H. Margulan.

He was elected the Academician of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan in June 01, 2017.

Under the leadership of B. A. Baytanayev and with his direct participation scientific developments in the key directions of homeland archeology are conducted. The projects within grant financing directed to basic researches in studying of cultures of the Stone Age, steppe civilizations, an urbanization, town planning and architecture are developed.

According to the initiative of the scientist at the Institute of Archaeology the Anthropological Laboratory – "The Target research laboratory of paleoantropology studying of Kazakhstan" was created.

B. A. Baytanayev – one of the leading scientists of the Republic in the field of archaeological science, the author of fundamental works on archeology of Kazakhstan, he has published more than 230 scientific works, including – 15 monographs.

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