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Археология институтының журналы. А.Х.Марғұлан




Information letter number 1

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Committee of Science

Institute of Archeology named after A.H. Margulan 


S.M. Akhinzhanov (1939-1991)


Dear Colleagues! 

As part of the "Year of Youth in Kazakhstan", the Institute of Archeology named after A.H. Margulan invites you to take a part in the work of the international archaeological conference of young scientists "Akhinzhanov readings-2019", dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the outstanding archaeologist Serzhan Musatayevich Akhinzhanov. 

The main directions of the conference:

  • Contribution of S.M.Akhinzhanov in the development of Kazakhstan and Eurasian archeology
  • Archeology of Kazakhstan within the framework of the implementation of grant and program-targeted programs
  • Archeology of ancient and medieval Kazakhstan
  • Ancient art and architecture
  • Anthropology of the ancient population of Eurasia
  • Contacts and cultural ties of the population of Kazakhstan and adjacent territories according to archeology

The conference will be held at the Institute of Archeology named after A.H. Margulan. Preliminary dates for the conference 25-26 September, 2019. Arrival of participants - 24 September, 2019 in Almaty.

Conference working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.

Participants' expenses are financed by the arriving party. 

For participate in the conference, it is necessary before 1 May, 2019 to send an application indicating the topic of the speech, for inclusion in the conference program, as well as abstracts of the report, which will be published in the conference proceedings. The publication of the compendium is being prepared for the beginning of the conference, and therefore, materials sent after the deadline will not be include in the compilation. 

Application form

1. Full name;

2. Theme of the report;

3. University or scientific organization (fully), faculty, course;

4. Full name, academic title and position of supervisor;

5. Direction;

6. The form of the presentation of the report and the necessary technical means (we kindly ask you to give preference to modern computer technologies of presentations).

7. Contact addresses, fax, phone, e-mail. 

Requirements for the design of theses

1. The volume of text up to 5 pages (the list of references does not include the amount of text) in WinWord (extension .doc).

2. Illustrations - no more than 1 page A4, are sent as a separate file in JPG or TIFF format, resolution - 300 dpi.

3. Full name author in the upper right corner, line below: city, university (full), course

4. Full name, title and position of supervisor in italics after the text, before the list of references 

It should not: produce tabulation; mark the words with a discharge (there must be only one space between words, signs); divide paragraphs into empty lines; use commands that run automatically (insert footnotes on literature, hyperlinks and notes, marking and numbering paragraphs, etc.); use macros, save text as a template and set to “read only”; format the text and make a hyphenation. The units indicated must comply with the Measurement System. References in the text to figures, tables and publications in parentheses: (Fig. 1.3; 2, 1), (Table 1), (Margulan, 1982, p. 47, Fig. 1, 1).

At the end of the article - a list of references in alphabetical order, summary and keywords.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject materials that do not correspond to the subject of the conference or to the requirements for registration. 

Please send your applications and abstracts to the organizing committee.

Almaty, 050000, Dostyk.Ave, 44; Institute of Archeology named after A.H.Margulan

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Contact representatives of the Organizing Committee of the conference:

Kassenova Asem Daurenovna +7 707 518 1230

Mamirov Talgat Bazarbayevich +7 705 783 3596


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