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The programmes and projects
Project grant funding:
  • AP08957321 Medieval statuary monuments of Saryarka 2020-2021 - (leader - Ph.D., Kasenova A.);
  • AP09260367 «Rural settlements of the early Iron Age in the lower Syr Darya: economy and life» 2021-2023. (leader - Ph.D., Utubaev Zh.);
  • AP08052885 Dune sites of the Stone Age of the Ryn-sands in Western Kazakhstan 2020-2022. - 2021 (leader - Ph.D., Mamirov T.);
  • AP08052757 Mining and metallurgy of Central Kazakhstan 2020-2022 (leader - Ph.D., Baitleu D.);
  • AP09260358 Medieval tortkuls and the cultural landscape of the Talas Valley 2021-2023 (leader - Ph.D., Akymbek E.);
  • AP09260802 Late medieval urban culture of the Golden Horde. Search and archaeological research on the example of the fortifications Sharuashylyk (Kinchat) and Aspara (13th-16th centuries) 2021-2023 (leader - Ph.D., Rogozhinsky A.).
  • PTF, on "The Great Steppe in the Context of Ethnocultural Research"
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