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Археология институтының журналы. А.Х.Марғұлан

Главная Staff Kamaldinov Ilyar Ramilyevich

Kamaldinov Ilyar Ramilyevich

The junior scientific worker of the Institute of archeology after A.Kh.Margulan

Born 30.01.1989 in Almaty city

Graduated from the Kazakh national pedagogical university after Abai (the bachelor course)

The scientific interests:The medieval city culture of Southern Kazakhstan (the Otrar oasis).

The service activity:from 2011 works at Institute of archeology after A.Kh.Margulan as a laboratory assistant, from 2012 – engineer, from 2013 – the junior scientific worker

The expedition activity:

The Institute of archeology after A.Kh.Margulan:

In 2007-2009 participated in the excavations of the following monuments: at the necroposis Ulzhan, the kurgan at Novoalexeyevka, the ancient city site Esentai (Almaty city and the Almaty region);

2011 – the ancient city site Otrartobe;

2012 – the ancient city site Oksus (the Otrar oasis);

2013 – the ancient city site Otrartobe;

2011 – the ancient city site Kayalyk;

The Archeological expertise company Ltd:

2009-2010 – the monument Bozshakol (the Paleolithic period, the Bronze epoch, the early Iron age) (the Pavlodar region, the Ekibastuz district);

2010 – the necropolis Karatuma (the Almaty region);

2011 - the ancient city site Taraz (the Baths);

2013 – the kurgan Mashat (the Southern-Kazakhstani region)

The articles:the studying of the ancient city site Oksyz (K.M.Baipakov, I.R.Kamaldinov). The herald of 2013 (in the press).

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